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Best Awnings in Tulsa, OK

March 3, 2021, 12:13 p.m.

Awnings help create a stylish outdoor living space that reduces energy costs and protects your patio furniture from ultraviolet rays, wind, rain and snow. We researched the best awnings in Tulsa to help locals select a retractable awning company with a variety of options and superior customer service.

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How to choose an awning in Tulsa

Tulsa awnings

Many Tulsa residents living in neighborhoods like Maple Ridge, Swan Lake, Lortondale and Sungate are installing awnings to create comfortable outdoor spaces. Homes in these neighborhoods that face east or west especially benefit from retractable deck and patio awnings to protect both patio furniture and outdoor gatherings from UV rays and harsh Oklahoma winds.

Restaurants and apartments in downtown Tulsa benefit from window awnings and front door awnings, which can:

  • Protect exterior windows from rain or wind damage
  • Enhance the architectural design of your building
  • Prevent indoor furniture and carpeting from fading in the sunlight
  • Help business owners and residents save on their monthly utility bills

Types of awnings

There are many awning styles and materials to choose from. When buying an awning in Tulsa, consider:

  • Type: Choose from retractable, fixed or portable awnings.
  • Adjustability: Some retractable awnings adjust to provide more or less cover. There are manual, motorized and handheld-remote options.
  • Awning fabric: Pick between woven acrylic or traditional laminated fabrics, which are both fireproof and machine washable. Most companies offer a wide array of colors and designs and provide free fabric swatches to help you make a decision.
  • Materials: There are several frame materials to choose from, including metal, aluminum, wood and fiberglass.

Because of Tulsa’s frequent thunderstorms and the risk of tornadoes in the spring and early summer, retractable awnings in Tulsa tend to last longer, especially if made from a wind-resistant material, like woven acrylic.

Awning installation in Tulsa

Some awnings in Tulsa allow for DIY installation, but retractable awnings, for example, should be installed by an awning company. Depending on the size and capabilities of the awning, installation cost varies between $175 and $400, not including the awning itself.

Although awning installers don’t need any particular certification in Oklahoma, it’s important to hire a home improvement professional with relevant insurance, permits and experience. Check with your homeowners association as well to see if it has any special requirements for awning installation.



SunSetter Awnings is an energy-efficient company offering both manual and motorized retractable awnings in a variety of fabrics and colors. Additional product offerings include solar shades, wind sensors and patio lights. Financing options and warranty plans are available. Customer reviews are positive and mention fast installations and helpful customer service.

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