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Best Lawn Care Services in Tulsa, OK

March 3, 2021, 12:13 p.m.

Having a lush, green yard takes a lot of work. For working and retired Tulsans alike, using a lawn care service to mow, control weeds and eliminate pests can save time and energy. We researched the best lawn care services in Tulsa to find companies offering affordable lawn maintenance with friendly, trained technicians.

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How we chose the best

We thoroughly researched company reputation, services and consumer reviews.

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Getting lawn care in Tulsa


Whether you’re busy working sixty hours every week or simply prefer to spend your summer weekends at the lake, there are many benefits to getting professional lawn care in Tulsa.

Tulsa is notorious for its hot, muggy summers that cause the grass to grow quickly and create issues with lawn pests, so it’s crucial for your lawn care team to visit frequently in warmer months. In neighborhoods near the Arkansas River and wooded parks, like Maple Ridge and Riverside, homeowners may also experience issues with mosquitoes and ticks, which can be treated by lawn care services in Tulsa.

New housing developments like Yorktown in Jenks or Stone Canyon in Owasso have homeowners associations that require residents to maintain their lawns all year long. If lawn maintenance isn’t a top priority for you but is a requirement in your neighborhood, consider a weekly lawn mowing service.

Regardless of your neighborhood, overgrown lawns, vegetation that causes obstructions and dead trees are against code in Tulsa. Hire a professional lawn service to stay compliant and keep your yard healthy.

What lawn care services are available in Tulsa?

Lawn service companies fall into two categories: lawn care and landscaping. Tulsa lawn care companies offer lawn mowing, aeration, yard cleanup and pest control. Landscaping companies in Tulsa provide gardening, planting, fertilizing and irrigation services. However, blurring the line further, many lawn care companies integrate landscaping into their maintenance services.

The most common lawn services in Tulsa include:

  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Sod installation
  • Tree and leaf removal
  • Pest control
  • Landscaping

Aeration is a process performed in the spring or fall that involves breaking up the thatch, the layer of dead grass built up underneath your lawn, to help water, oxygen and fertilizer reach your grass’s roots. If you have bare patches or notice rainwater puddling in some spots, your lawn care team can use a lawn aerator to help your grass get thicker and greener.

How to choose lawn care in Tulsa

Companies offering lawn care in Tulsa often have accreditation by a business bureau or recognition from national landscaping association, but they aren’t required to have a particular operating license in the state of Oklahoma. Though certification and licensing also aren’t required for individuals to perform lawn care in Tulsa, some companies do have technicians complete training.

Lawn mowing service in Tulsa usually cost between $35 and $50 weekly, with added services like aeration or tick control available for an additional charge. Services can occur on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Some companies also offer treatment programs that range from $30 to $60 and include services such as weed control, soil pH testing and turf booster.

Before beginning a service agreement, ask lawn care companies about pricing, bundling options, discounts, contract agreements, scheduling and the types of chemicals used for treatment. This knowledge, combined with the quotes they provide, should be enough for you to choose the best lawn care company in Tulsa for your yard.



TruGreen provides residential and commercial lawn care services using environmentally-responsible, science-based solutions. TruGreen services include aeration, soil amendment, tree and shrub maintenance, tick and flea control and mosquito defense. Customers in Tulsa commend the company for its courteous staff and providing impressive results.



Services from Nutri-Green include lawn care, pest control, snow removal and holiday decor installation across the Tulsa metro area. Nutri-Green technicians are Quality Pro-certified and provide a variety of lawn treatment plans that include a 21-point lawn analysis and fertilizer and weed control.

Complete Lawn Care

Complete Lawn Care

Complete Lawn Care is an owner-operated, lawn care and landscape maintenance company offering sprinkler repair, weed control and fertilization, pest control, leaf cleanup and snow plowing. Customers in Tulsa like Complete Lawn Care for their friendly customer service and convenient online payment portal.

Green Leaf Lawn

Green Leaf Lawn

Owned and operated by a pair of friends with over 20 years of experience in the lawn care industry, Green Leaf Lawn Care offers a variety of year-round services from lawn care to snow plowing. For every new service agreement, Green Leaf Lawn Care donates to the customer’s local school of choice. Tulsa reviewers are enthusiastic about the improvements they’ve seen in their lawns since beginning the service.

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